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Reduce Agent Turnover with Live Coaching and Mentoring

By Allan MacGowan | September 2016

For contact centre agents and supervisors, call monitoring can be more of a stick than a carrot. Being scrutinized continually during customer calls can cause agents to wonder if they are underperforming, leading to stress and burnout. However, in contact centres that use real-time coaching and mentoring services, there are far more proactive and positive associations...

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Putting Customer Experience First with Omnichannel Collaboration

By Gethin Liddell | July 2016

I was recently involved in a Digital Leaders Wales Salon and was asked to talk about Collaboration and putting the customer first. We had some very interesting discussions and I learnt a good deal about how organisations should use social media from my fellow speakers Helen Reynolds, Director at Social for the People and Owen Williams, Head of Social Media BBC Wales.


Topics: Omnichannel, customer service, customer experience, collaboration, call center

The Time Is Now for An ‘Optichannel’ Customer Engagement Strategy

By Sajeel Hussain | June 2016

   Over the past few years, many banks and financial services providers have embraced an ‘omnichannel’ approach to customer engagement. It makes sense. The ability to interact with customers over an ever expanding number of digital touchpoints —phone, web, mobile, chat, email and even video—theoretically should delight customers. More choice translates into greater...

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Boosting Agent Performance in Real-Time, Wherever They Are

By Sajeel Hussain | June 2016

It is fascinating to look back at the early days of telecommunications. Apparently, supervisors would lace up a pair of roller skates and glide around the telephone office in order to monitor switchboard operators efficiently. Much has changed since then. In today’s call centers, supervisors can’t just roll up behind an agent and plug a headset into the monitor jack to...

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What is Customer Engagement?

By Allan MacGowan | July 2015

When setting out to create a definition of customer engagement, the first step is to take a close look at the word ‘engagement’. It is an interesting word with definitions that are polar opposites in meaning. Engagement can mean entering into a trusting relationship such as a marriage, but it can also mean going to battle in a military conflict. In the world of contact...

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Omnichannel Customer Service: How Hard or Easy Can it Be?

By Sajeel Hussain | June 2015

Just take a browser, add WebRTC, then just a pinch of salt; stir vigorously, and Voila! you have an omnichannel collaboration environment, complete with video. It sounds great, but it's far from reality for most businesses. In addition to the technology ingredients, there are three key elements that have a much greater influence on the outcome of a development project:...

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What's In a Name? If It's Omnichannel: Everything for Customer Engagement.

By Sajeel Hussain | February 2015

While doing some reading the other day, I came across three uses for the word “omnichannel” in one sitting, each a little different in meaning than the other. Even worse, there doesn’t seem to be unilateral agreement on how to spell it. Is it Omni-channel, omnichannel or omni channel? One could argue that omnichannel is as ambiguous and all-purpose a term as “big...

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Reimagining the Personal Touch of Customer Interactions

By Sajeel Hussain | February 2015

It happened again! I noticed that the auto-payment amount for my monthly cable went up. My first question was why? — which was quickly followed by what can I do about it? Working in the telecommunications field, I am, perhaps unfortunately, quite aware of how customer service platforms operate — how they can, and should work, what information is readily captured and...

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Part 2: Context-based Omnichannel Customer Engagement — Always a Class Act

By Sajeel Hussain | January 2015

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Did Gartner Truly Omit WebRTC From Its Curve? — Respectfully, I Beg to Differ

By Sajeel Hussain | January 2015

In this two-part series, we are exploring the question as to why Gartner has apparently left WebRTC off of its respected Gartner Hype Cycle. In the previous installment, I mentioned a possible explanation could be the fact that WebRTC, rather than a standalone technology, is better understood as a means for enabling many of the technology points mentioned on the hype...

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