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Putting Customer Experience First with Omnichannel Collaboration

By Gethin Liddell | July 2016

I was recently involved in a Digital Leaders Wales Salon and was asked to talk about Collaboration and putting the customer first. We had some very interesting discussions and I learnt a good deal about how organisations should use social media from my fellow speakers Helen Reynolds, Director at Social for the People and Owen Williams, Head of Social Media BBC Wales.


Topics: Omnichannel, customer service, customer experience, collaboration, call center

The Time Is Now for An ‘Optichannel’ Customer Engagement Strategy

By Sajeel Hussain | June 2016

   Over the past few years, many banks and financial services providers have embraced an ‘omnichannel’ approach to customer engagement. It makes sense. The ability to interact with customers over an ever expanding number of digital touchpoints —phone, web, mobile, chat, email and even video—theoretically should delight customers. More choice translates into greater...

Topics: Omnichannel, customer service, customer engagement, webrtc, contact center, chat

Boosting Agent Performance in Real-Time, Wherever They Are

By Sajeel Hussain | June 2016

Topics: customer service, webrtc, call center

The Power of Visual Engagement: A Lesson from Data Science

By Allan MacGowan | April 2016

This visual explains why we need to engage visually, whenever possible and appropriate.









These are sunny days for the business communications industry, with predictions of almost 20% compounded annual growth until 2020, according to a recent study by BCC Research. Trends such as cloud-based services, mobility, and omnichannel are leading the way as...

What WhatsApp's new business model means for C2B

By Gethin Liddell | April 2016

WhatsApp announced a change in their business model earlier this year. They have moved away from a small annual charge and instead are making WhatsApp free to use for all users.

Topics: Omnichannel, webrtc, video collaboration, chat

The HD Video Collaboration Myth

By Kevin Glass | March 2016

There are many myths around video use in collaboration, but the biggest is probably about the need for high-definition (HD) video. Let's frame the use of video (excuse the pun) by listing the main reasons why we use video in collaboration at all.

Topics: video chats, webrtc video conferencing, video collaboration, collaboration, workforce collaborative, video, chat

Anatomy of a Successful Product Launch – a CMO's Perspective

By Sajeel Hussain | March 2016

Wrapping up one of the biggest communication industry events – Enterprise Connect – in Orlando last week, where we launched 3 new products, I thought I’d share with my fellow CMOs and marketing peers our Top 5 lessons learned:

Customer Journey Management – It’s All about Perspective (the Customer's, that is)

By Allan MacGowan | March 2016

The approach to how organizations engage with customers, and the journey that each customer must travel to make a purchase or resolve an issue, typically has a direct impact on the bottom line. However, predicting the exact outcomes for any one individual, any specific service or engagement is often impossible. The key to understanding the customer journey begins with...

How Do We Innovate for the Enterprise? Hint: Be Purposeful

By Kevin Glass | March 2016

When we speak of innovation in software we often think of new technologies or tools that give us brand new options and processes in technology. From Twitter to face swapping, we see innovation as crazy new ideas that we're hoping to find business use cases for.

Topics: webrtc, Innovation, communication, video, chat

Banking in the 21st Century--How Video and Web Collaboration is Changing the Game

By Gethin Liddell | March 2016

HSBC have now released in their mobile app the ability to sign in with biometrics. As widely reported (IBT, BBC, FT...) it is now possible to log in to your HSBC mobile banking application using fingerprint technology and voice recognition.

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